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Who Did It? Credit Where Credit is Due:

credit where credit is due

credited peer productions

How many of you have seen your work somewhere, either on or offline and no trace of your name anywhere near it? How has worked long and hard on a project, whether creative or academic and got nothing back from it once it was sent out to cyberspace?

I know what you are thinking. How do others know that it was your handywork? How do your peers know that you had something to do with it? How do future collaborators, employers, project managers etc. know that you are worthy of that next big money job, if they don’t know what you have achieved? and more importantly, how can you brag to your mates? Ahem.

It happened to me recently, a tune I wrote with a certain high profile DJ Producer happened to end up on iTunes without a single credit. I wrote, arranged and sang the song! The person in questions was heavily told off and his reply was; ‘none of the writers/vocalists I work with get credits’.

Apart from bringing me out in a big rash and making me feel as if I was going through the change (20 years early I might add. Ahem Ahem.) I had a moment to think about it. Was I really shocked that ego was the cause of all this? No. But, disappointed?

Most certainly.

People, this is a short, sharp blog post this week, just to remind you to ALWAYS credit people for their work. Whether you are using an image from Google, a piece of writing or phrase, a film, ad, a song, an idea, artwork, illustrations blah blah blah….FIND OUT WHODUNNIT and give them a high five. The karma credits will then come back to you in abundance.

Have a good week!

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