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Download:Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle

Updated: May 4

Download The Ultimate Digital Marketing Takeaway Bundle for just £68.60 for a Limited Time Only.

Download The Ultimate Digital Marketing Takeaway Bundle today. A package of digital wisdom and tools from me to you.

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Takeaway Bundle
The Ultimate Digital Marketing Takeaway Bundle

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Takeaway Bundle is an 120+ page 'COMPLETELY-DONE-FOR-YOU' roadmap that will skyrocket your business, service, project or event in 2024.

I have finally had some time to collate this valuable digital download just for you in time for the new year. My goal is for you to feel confident, empowered, and ready to make the most of out of your digital output with as less fuss, stress and time wasting as possible!

My last offering was back in 2012 no less! A Guide book on how to use the newly launched Social Media. That seems like an age ago and oh my! How things have changed since, but in the last ten or so years I have run my own Freelance Marketing Agency and worked with hundreds of businesses, people, projects and events, plus launched a few of my own so there really isn't much I haven't come across.

I am asked daily how to do something, or about best practices in digital marketing, so I felt it was hight time I started to share this knowledge with you in a way that makes sense to you.

I've done alllllll the hard work and all you need to do is grab a cuppa, sit back, read and apply!

Get Your Ready For 2024 now! Start planning your digital marketing in advance.

Let me walk you through to digital greatness with The Ultimate Digital Marketing Takeaway Bundle.


  • ·Small business owners,

  • Solopreneurs

  • Event Promoters

  • Start Ups

  • Project Managers


Inside The Ultimate Digital Marketing Takeaway Bundle (a downloadable 85 page guide you will find:

1. The Ultimate Instagram Guide for 2024

  • 38 pages of proven tried and tested best practices that will help you in creating magnetic content that converts viewers into followers and buyers

  • The only Instagram Marketing Strategy you will ever need to beat the Instagram algorithm.

  • Detailed Instagram Insider and Branding Tips

  • Tools for Monitoring Instagram Performance

  • Content Ideas and strategies to bring in sales

  • 60+ post strategies that will last you a lifetime

  • Your Visual Strategy Interactive Workbook

  • Inspirational layout ideas

  • Promotion Tips

2. The Ultimate Facebook Guide for 2024

  • A definitive Step By Step guide to using Facebook the RIGHT WAY in 2024.

  • 21 pages of valuable directions and insights.

3. Professional Brand Questionnaire

You will receive an 11-page detailed industry standard workbook that will strip your project back to basics, and help you view it through a professional lens. This will ensure you connect with your audience via your brand culture, objectives and aesthetics.

Usually it’s only my clients that benefit from this brilliant practice, but I’m feeling super generous and adding it into this mega bundle for you!

You will learn;

  • How to get to the heart of what you do

  • Strategies to figure out your target audience.

  • Strategies to connect with your target audience

  • Professional Branding Tips

  • And you will be able to create your own set of Industry-Standard Brand Guidelines

  • And more!

4. How To Market Your Product Online

A step by step guide to selling online. Proven strategies that will guarantee an increase in product sales.


5. 🔥BONUS! The Ultimate Content Planner

A 4 page guide covering everything you need for a skintight content plan.

6. 🔥BONUS! Sales Strategy Guidelines

A set of industry-standard guidelines that are proven to increase sales. 4 pages of solid sales gold! Whether you use all or one, some or all of these tried and tested strategies, you will create a well-rounded and effective approach to drive revenue and build lasting customer relationships.

7. 🔥BONUS! Agency-worthy Digital Content Strategy Template with Yearly Snapshot to include Web and Social Media Platforms (editable)

  • Google Drive Download Link: Page 22 and end page of Insta Guide

  • Plus Excel Version

  • Tweak, rename and make it yours forever!


It all comes with complete resell rights - so not only can you use it to kickstart your sales and marketing, you can also rebrand it or sell it as it is as a digital download and make 100% profit with each sale! Generous or what!?

The Salesy Bit

I'm no saleswoman, but I do know how to communicate online and I know I can help make your life easier for half the price of a one to one consultation with me (which wouldn't event touch the sides of what you receive with this bundle!)

I'm offering you this Go-To Digital Bible for just £68.60 and I can tell you it's worth EVERY PENNY.




Is this for beginners or more for advanced biz owners?

This bundle is ideal for beginners, content creators, influencers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketers, event promoters and anyone seeking to maximize their impact on the platform. Knowledge is power!

Will this work for my industry?

Hell yeah! I have intentionally created this bundle to be applicable to every industry. I have such a wide range of diverse business owners in my community & I really wanted them all to be able to use this resource.

Which products in the bundle can I resell?

You can rebrand or sell them all of these products for 100% profit. Result!

Is it only one one-time payment?

Yes, the early bird offer is £68.60. Price will revert to Full Price (£85.99) once offer ends.

New products will be added soon.

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