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Girls – are you #mamming for @BCCare?

What is #mamming I hear you cry!?

Well…two amazingly talented female advertising creatives, one of whom is a breast cancer survivor for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and BBCare have thought up this brilliant (and I will explain why it is brilliant in a minute) campaign called ‘This is Mamming’ and is asking ladies take a snap of their (fully clothed) boob on a flat surface with Instagram and upload with the hashtag #mamming to join the campaign.

They say;

“#Mamming is the act of laying your (clothed) boobs on a flat surface. Like a counter. Or a bench. Or the body of a person who is #planking. #Mamming is a chance for all* of us to show solidarity with the millions of women getting mammograms this Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Because when a woman reaches a certain age, doctors recommend that she get a mammogram to screen for the disease, and the procedure involves laying her boobs on the machine’s flat surface. It’s awkward. But it can save her life. Because when breast cancer is caught early, over 90% of women beat it.”

Isn’t it brilliant?

Just think of the reaction… firstly a series of questions will enter ones mind before eventually, you’ll just have to join in!

‘Oh, is that right?’, ‘Would I do that?’, ‘Could I do that?’, ‘My friend Kelly would definitely do that!’, ‘Well, if she can do it…I can do it, it’s for a good cause’..


I Love this campaign for that reason alone…. Not to mention the cheeky side!

“So let’s all embrace the awkwardness of mammograms and inspire more women to mam where it counts: at the doctor’s office.”

Oh – and here’s mine! 🙂

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