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Banksy does it again…

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Oh how I love love love, clever PR and no one has outplayed the cool, sharp-witted Banksy. With over 3,234,222 views already on You Tube (rising every day) the legend that is Banksy has raised eyebrows again with his ‘meat packing’ truck around New York. The installation began, of course, in the meat packing district, a large old dust truck stuffed with fake animals that make horrid squeaky noises to raise awareness of the animal’s distress during harmful meat production practices. This was just one of the many installations that he is offering out in October 2013 and one that perhaps implies that we need to face our carnivorous culture by referencing the Hollywood movie Silence of the Lambs? Remember the story? The FBI agent has to learn from an imprisoned cannibalistic serial killer in order to catch another killer. One Green Planet says;

“Every aspect of Banksy’s ‘Sirens of the Lambs’ mobile art installation has meaning. From the context of the title to where the truck was located and of course the aesthetics of the installation itself. The title references Greek mythology as well as American pop culture. According to Greek mythology, Sirens were creatures that lured sailors to their death using their beauty. Similarly, these cute stuff animals draw our attention to the death of real animals in factory farms for our meat consumption.”Clever, Banksy.

Everyday this October, he plans on producing an art installation in New York City. So far, Banksy’s website has taken credit for projects that range from more tradition graffiti to a mobile truck garden oasis.

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