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All Eyes On New Font ‘Dyslexia’ by Daniel Britton

Daniel Britton Dyslexia

Daniel Britton; Designer

Young designer, Daniel Britton was diagnosed with Dyslexia in his last year of design college and wanted to express how it felt through his art. He created a font which simulates the frustrations he experiences when trying to read and manages to  put a non-sufferer in a sufferers shoes. It is a stunning piece of design and has rightly taken the worlds media by storm whilst cleverly raising awareness for the condition.

The Font “The typeface breaks down the reading time of non-dyslexics to roughly the same speed as someone who struggles with the issue. Letters are split into two, with only one section provided at a time. In two-dimensions, reading any text is extremely difficult. In the third dimension, Britton stacks both parts directly on top of the other. From straight on, the text is perfectly legible. However, a slight move to the left or right quickly confuses the words by forcing the viewer to have to physically work to read a simple poster. Britton hopes to convey the aggravation, stress, effort, and embarrassment that dyslexics face on a daily basis.” Design Boom

“Good font design can’t cure dyslexia. But it can raise awareness” Fast Co Design

The Result Dan wanted to convey emotion when designing this typeface, an honest and true design from the heart. He wanted folk to understand how it feels to read slower than most, get stuck on letters and words, anywhere and everywhere, something non sufferers take for granted. It affects every day life and after years of being in the dark himself and experiencing insults and embarrassment at school, his new journey begins with both enlightenment and credibility. Dan is a dynamic designer with a big future and I am very proud to call him my cousin. Daniel Britton: Website | British Dyslexia Association

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