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PRESS RELEASE: NoScrunchie @noscrunchie

Updated: Jan 6, 2021


Introducing NoScrunchie. The UKs First Salon Ratings Website For Afro Hair.

no scrunchie logo

My client, NoScrunchie has cleverly filled a gap in the afro hair market by offering their target market a simple ratings service for their afro salons.

They are offering premium and upgrade memberships to quality salons as a way of promotion and aiming to be the best source of information in this area on the web.

They want to raise the profile of the afro hair market in the UK by presenting stylists, technicians and celebrity interviews via their blog as well as educating their audiences in hair nutrition, styling and the afro hair industry. They also want to remind women that the better their hair is cared for, the less they have to rely on scrunchies!

We have a heavy PR Campaign running across all core social media channels and blogger outreach program and are looking for editorials in our target market.

“NoScrunchie is the brainchild of Leillah Sekalala.  Leillah was fed up with searching for good Afro salons after moving from Uganda to the UK. She had too many bad experiences in the salons she visited and was underwhelmed with the lack of good stylists equipped to deal with this market.

She spoke about her experiences with friends, family and some strangers. She posted on her social media. networks and found many people going through the same thing. It was time to do something about it. And that something is NoScrunchie. “

If you would like to run a story on NoScrunchie or collaborate in some way, offer advertising opportunities or link to their pages please contact Andrea Britton of Online PR UK on:

+44 7957 264576

NoScrunchie Online:


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