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Press Release: Meet #eloisethebadger

Bourgeois Boheme of London is a luxury vegan footwear brand. Their collections are always vegan, ethical, eco-friendly, and made in Portugal using the finest faux leather and natural materials.

Animal welfare is top priority for BoBo and they would love to give back, support and raise the profiles of the great charities that are also completely smitten with badgers and reinforce their cause.


Follow her shenanigans #EloisetheBadger


BoBo is about to start running a fun online campaign where they will folllow the goings on of Eloise, where she goes and what mischief she gets up to. For added fun, customers who have purchased Eloise and all badger fans will be encouraged to share images of their mischevious Eloise and furry friends too and we hope this will cause a real buzz to raise the profile of the plight of badgers in the UK.

We are looking for collaborators and supporters of this fun campaign! Tweet #eloisethebadger

For more informationcontact Andrea on +44 (0)7957 264576

bourgeois boheme vegan shoes



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