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Updated: Nov 28, 2021

See The Gift We Have Just Been Given

Having just come off the back of a huge personal life shift, the current personal circumstances Covid-19 has created for most, perhaps come just a little easier for me. Leaving what I know behind, changing thought patterns, ways of doing things...lack of income and actions and so on. They were necessary personal life changes for me to evolve.

We find ourselves in isolation.

Do you profess to save the world singlehandedly, write a book, read many books....get fitter than ever or make the Taj Mahal out of pipe cleaners?

Do you think you could create a years-worth of content for your business or start a watch party? Learn a new language perhaps?

Guilty as charged.

Will you sit and rinse Netflix for all it offers or play games until you can’t see?

Will you paint the garage or upcycle that sideboard?

Or be nominated for the parenting oscars by creating a child genius?

Perhaps. But here's the thing...

Mother Earth is calling you to just be.

Imagine, sitting, laying and just being.

Yes YOU.

Do you know who you are?


Pause for a second.



Go On!

Make that second an hour.

In that hour watch where your thoughts go.

Let go of the way you used to think.

The country is being forced to do just that.

Choose humankind before anything else.

Compassion, connection, communication, creativity...

Yes... all of that before ego related gains.

Make art, sleep, cry, release, move, dance.

Walk this path and others will follow

Know that the world is healing

The green is getting greener

The skies are getting bluer

Pause for now.

Your true souls purpose is in being.

It will be worth it.

My metox will never end but it has developed into a gentle path full of ups and downs lessons, clarity and love.

I sometimes document my metox journey on Instagram.

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