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Re-read your latest Facebook post now!

If you reread your latest Facebook post or promotional headline with this in mind, you could get more people excited about what you’re posting. Here are a few pointers…

1. Could you attach a photo to your post, of a model and have them standing there with their ‘thumbs up’ and a cheesy grin? Stop! 2. Are you hard selling? It won’t work. 3. Do you sound like a Daz advert from 1984? 4. Are you offering the viewer anything exciting? Show them then! 5. Has anyone other than your friends liked the post? #fail 6. Does the post sound boring? Why? 7. Put yourself in others shoes, would you yourself act upon seeing that post? Honestly?? 8. Get creative. Present your information better and stop filling the Internet with worthless trite. 9. Put your previous time to good use! 10. If your product is worth selling, learn to sell it right.

Need tips? Get in touch 🙂

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