@iphone_surgery…Bad Service and all out Liars..

Updated: Mar 10

If you’re good at showing the world you are a trustworthy, busy and altogether professional outfit online, then hey – a word of advice, how about you actually try and BE that company? Instead of pulling the mohair over our peepers.

I recently dropped my iPhone.  The phone worked fine apart from the earpiece. I couldn’t hear callers but they could hear me. Did a bit of searching on Google and finally decided to go with iPhone Surgery who claimed to have my phone back to me in full working order in 48 hours.  All for the brilliant price of £35.  I was, at the time, thinking it was too good to be true, none the less, I did my research, liked the their website, saw their page on facebook and guessed they were a successful start up and went with my head. I didn’t say gut.

Of course, the minute I sent it off I panicked and wondered fretfully whether I had just given my phone away to an elaborate con artist. If you are reading this, company in question, customer trust maybe and issue you could think about in the future.

Still the panic started to increase after I’d emailed them and waited a few days for a reply.  Anyway – they assured me, a little, that my phone would be back to me in one piece in 2 days.

It took 2 months. Another £30 for a ‘rare part’ (THIS IS APPLE! They don’t make RARE PARTS!) And then they sent it back broken. TWICE! The first time they sent it back, they claim it to have been working perfectly.  They sent it back to my husbands office, he opened it, it turned on then off almost immediately and sent it back. immediately.

They continued by telling me that, and I quote, ‘Firstly I do sympathise with you in this situation and I’m sorry we were unable to reach a positive outcome. However we refuse to accept liability for this situation. There are two key facts that we standby and they are that the phone had received water damage which was both apparent from the water damage indicators, and from the symptoms the phone was displaying; and that the phone was in perfect working order when it left the office (paperwork is filled out before phones leave the office). We have not come across this problem either so we are slightly baffled too, but as I say above the phone was working when it left our office.”

Hey and guess what?  ‘as a goodwill gesture, they refunded me my £65 which I will have to wait 30 days for!

So the phone had gotten water damaged on the way from their office to my husbands office? I very much doubt it.  The phone was working absolutely fine when they sent it out (because their paperwork tells them that),And they don’t accept liability for this?  AHEM. What do you think?

The moral of the story is, don’t believe what the web tells you, never use @iphone_surgery and ALWAYS go with your gut!


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