How Social Media Can Boost The Hospitality Industry

GUEST POST: Sarah Smith

The industry of hospitality is one that is wide open for new competition. Social media has created new avenues for savvy marketers to exploit without having to spend a great deal of money. Here is how a hospitality business like Noosh Catering has had success marketing themselves over social media in the modern business landscape.

Showcasing Real Customers over Social Media

The hospitality business is all about the perception of your services. What better way to showcase how happy your customers are with your services than showing their happiness first-hand? With social media, you have the ability to post multimedia content of your real customers enjoying your services in real time. This is better than any falsified commercial, especially for the new Millennial generation – they do not trust traditional advertising in the least.

Instead of written testimonials, you can get video testimonials from customers as they walk out the door. The content will look much more real and is more easily verified for potential customers who may be skeptics. You can easily obtain this type of content for your social media profile by giving away a small discount for a positive review. Just make sure that the customer actually had a positive experience in your business.

Leveraging Review Sites In Your Favour

Many businesses also forget that review sites such as Yelp are an important part of social media. Engaging customers on this website and others like it can go a long way in creating a positive feedback loop for your company. This is especially important if you find that people are leaving negative reviews on these types of websites. It is essential that you pick up on the problems that are trending and fix them so that your competition does not beat you to the punch. Remember that it is just as easy for them to look at negative reviews of your company as it is for you to find them.

Synchronizing Your Social Media Profiles

Different people like to access businesses from different social media websites. You never know where your next customer will come from, so be sure that you have same message across all of your social media profiles. This can be accomplished quite easily through free programs such as Hootlet.

Synchronization also means that you can create a brand through social media. Make sure that any content that you post to one social media profile is appropriate for your brand as a whole. You will then have no problem syndicating this constant across all of your networks.

Using Your Employees: Social Media

In the hospitality business, positive reviews from your employees can go a long way in attracting new talent. This will in turn increase your ability to attract more customers. New websites such as Memo allow anonymous reviews from your employees. You should encourage them to use it rather than attempting to stop them from doing so. These are the social media websites that people are looking for, and positive reviews here will go along way in helping your business to grow.

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