Finding the Right Facebook Tool for Analytics

It’s not that an intelligent business person would need visual aid to assist them in a campaign; it’s just that visual aids make everything easier. This is especially true when speaking about the complicated Facebook analytics you’re going to rack up through advertising campaigns. Having the right statistics give you an opportunity to get a detailed look at your social marketing campaign. The stats will have all answers of what works and what doesn’t.

Of course, you can find ad-management tools aplenty that offer you the benefit of analytics that are nicely presented to you in the form of charts and tables. Whichever you decide to go with, whether it’s a Facebook built-in ads tool or a more advanced third-party ads manager, the important thing is that you understand the benefits of paying attention to the stats and graphs.

The Benefits of Facebook Analytics

Cleaning Out the Bugs

With detailed analytics, you won’t have to worry as much about incorrect numbers and figures. When you’re tracking tour stats, you’re seeing an accurate portrayal of everything that’s going on. Whereas with compiled data that doesn’t provide the right numbers, you might read something as positive when it’s false and end up tweaking your campaign in the wrong direction. Detailed data also helps you set up your initial analytics to begin with.

Monitoring Your Metrics

Debugging in the middle of an advertising campaign is a big concern, and having an ad-management tool with updated figures can help you do just that. After that process is complete, though, you can start monitoring those money-making stats to find out where people are coming from, who’s clicking through your ads, if they convert ( i.e. make a purchase, become a fan or whatever business goal you have with your Facebook presence), and other vital stats that are pertinent to your brand’s success.

Qwaya is one of the more sophisticated Facebook ad tools that help you analyze statistics. Here you can see all features included, from ad creating to analyzing results. A lot of companies have used this service to strengthen their Facebook presence.

“It’s an efficient channel because we’re able to target our ads to the people who convert at the highest rates. I get better return on my investment and at the same time we strengthen our brand value.”- Beauty Planet (cosmetics retailer)

Effectively Testing

The right Facebook ad tool is also going to help you test your ads effectively with the help of real-time analysis. For instance, if you have a high volume product, like an app or some type of game, you can monitor the success of a split instantly by viewing your real-time graphs.

The same goes for your ads, although the volume may not be as high or as instant. But splitting up with A/B testing and monitoring each side allows you to immediately view what’s working better, thus allowing you to increase the effectiveness of the better-working model.

Listed above are only a few of the great benefits you can experience by selecting an ad-management tool with analytics available. With the competitive nature of social media advertising, you can’t afford not to adjust your campaigns.

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