I’m Piscean. I love the sea washing over my body, feeling weightless and free.

I love to grow stuff and watch spring bloom and sunflowers make me happy.

I love the colours of an English Autumn and a Gozitan sunset makes me feel alive.

I love walking for miles without knowing where I am going and blame the Camino de Santiago for that.

I can sit quietly for hours and letting my soul speak is a daily necessity.

I love to travel and am eternally grateful for a job that has shown me my favourite corners on the earth.

I'm inspired by many but Brene Brown, Marianne Williamson, Seth Godin and Deepak Chopra are on top of the list.

 Stevie is simply wonderful, India Arie is my guiding light and Prince will always be my number one.

I can barely hold my excitement when I'm dancing.

I love putting pen to paper and I love a movie that makes you think. 

I love the lines of Comme de Garcon and anything and everything about Vivienne Westwood.

I love to cook and I love to taste. I could not live without blue cheese or wine.

I have reviewed some of the most amazing restaurants in Europe.

I ran an award-winning bar and restaurant in London over the millennium.We created great food. And vibes. Those that remember, will never forget.

I love a kitsch household accessory,

I'm a sucker for lighting and a lover of most things second hand.

I love a friends and family get-together 

Sto imparando l'italiano…lentamente.

I love seeing a smile on someone's face and a laugh when you least expect it .

I doubt there is anything more empowering than helping to heal or bring out the best in another human being.

I am my best me when I am making a positive impact


My most recent lesson is to make space in your life for magic to happen.

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