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Intuitive Business Development
& Personal Growth Coach

Change The Way You Look At Things Then The Things You Look At Change.


Recognizing a deeper calling to help individuals not just thrive in business, but also in their daily lives.

Over the past 30 years, I have been a single mum, recording artist, performer, songwriter, author, event, project and marketing consultant, content creator, graphic designer, photographer, filmmaker, and transient rambler. I started, sold, launched and closed businesses. I've worked with huge budgets and next to nothing, I've made a YouTube susperstar and helped numerous people into roles that are aligned with their true purpose. I transitioned into coaching and have pursued training in various transformational methodologies, becoming certified in business, spiritual and life coaching.

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I Specialise In...

Business Development Coaching:

Together we develop strategic plans to iron out challenges and move your businesses in the right direction. This includes communications, branding, marketing, content and leadership skills.


Personal Growth Life Coaching:

I believe in the power of intuition. We work together to create stronger synapses in this area so you start to learn to trust your own. My holistic approach helps you to achieve a balanced life, fostering self-awareness, and a stronger sense of self. I empower you to overcome personal obstacles and align your actions with your deepest values.

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Intuitive Coaching Style

Coaching and Consultancy is where my orchestra of skills come together in harmony and are of service to others. 

My practice is built on the principles of alignment, integrity, and a deep commitment to personal and professional growth. My approach can be straightforward, auditing a clear and productive path for your business and holistic, integrating mind, body, and soul to foster true, lasting change. I have a keen ability to read between the lines, sensing underlying issues and potential to quickly identify barriers that block clarity and purpose. Get those ducks in a row, and the money will flow.

Personal Philosophy

I believe you can create the life you choose, and have all the things you desire. True success is measured by authentic living.

I've learned how to utilise my intuition, read energy, heal, hypnotise and in turn, improve the way people digest information. I can help you uncover your true potential and offer support through life's transitions.  I want you to feel empowered to make change and my coaching sessions are as deep as you wish to go, full of compassion, and transformative impact. A simple 1-hour investment could literally change the course of your life. 

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